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Sei herzlich willkommen auf meinem Blog!

Vielleicht hast du ihn durchzufall entdeckt, aber vielleicht bist du auch einfach dem Link einer Seite gefolgt und hast eigentlich etwas anderes erwartet?

Doch mach dir nichts daraus!
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Ich werde Geheimnisse mit dir teilen, und dich in meine Welt der Märchen und Mode mitnehmen!

Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

New Blog

Hi Friends!

My old blog is dead, because it was to expensive. So I thought about to make a new one who more people can find my blog and I have nothing to pay.

Now I just useing Blogger.com (`cause my sister is blogging here too) and some times I will to posting in Live Journal (for importent news).

If you now going to my website you didn´t find my shop or my hompage, but the link to this weblog.
I made this step because I closed my shop for a while an now I working at a new concept. I made many mistakes in the past but I learned about it! Please forgive me! I will redress my mistakes!

In the future I will regularly write in my blog and show you my good and also my bad days. But sometimes I wil posting in English and sometimes in German... so how I feel. ^_^~ (hope you understand my English XD)

Now I will begin my first post to tell somethink about me.
I´m a German Lolita-fashion designer, Mangaka and Cosplay-artist.
I love to express my self in in all kind of arts, espacially in photos, drawings and sewin
gs. My favorite motiv is the human - I love girls and womans because they are beauty and versatile. <3 I will post here my dailis and best moments, new projects and new about my business.

Please enjoy my blog!

And if you leave me sometimes a little comment I will be very happy!!

Thanks with love Kuma

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  1. Hallo Kuma, das ist ja toll deinen Blog gleich von Anfang an verfolgen zu können.
    Das Frame Bild ist wunderschön *.*
    Liebe Grüße :3