Welcome to my little whole World!

Sei herzlich willkommen auf meinem Blog!

Vielleicht hast du ihn durchzufall entdeckt, aber vielleicht bist du auch einfach dem Link einer Seite gefolgt und hast eigentlich etwas anderes erwartet?

Doch mach dir nichts daraus!
Auch hier gibt es Spannendes zu entdecken und wenn du dieser Seite treu bleibst, wirst du sehen, wie etwas großes entstehen wird!

Ich werde Geheimnisse mit dir teilen, und dich in meine Welt der Märchen und Mode mitnehmen!

Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Nice day!

Hey Guys!
I´m happy! Today I was stay at home and it was great!

This week started very good! I got on Monday my very nice commode! Look here!

Love it so much! >_<

Not long and my living room will finish step by step
! <3<3<3

A very nice room for a little princess! *lol*

Last week I could spent a few minutes to made two barretes of some offcuts. I think ist it looks cute :D

Today - a few minusts ago - I had enought time for creativ working and made this nice lolita item! Two pairs of wristlets! <3

(You want one? No problem! Mail me and orde a pair for just 14,00€
! ;D)

And also a few minuts ago, my boss called me and told me a have tomorro come to work at 9:30 am till 5:00 pm. That means... NO night turm! yay!

The day is GREAT!

Now I will finishing my "Oriental Bulma" Cosplay. I startet one or two weeks ago with the waistcoat.

I think its funny to cosplaying Bulma ( Kanoe means: " Oh thank god! Dragonball was never in my intreset!").
How ever... Someway I have to reduce my inventory of fabrics *g*
... that is the way...

Now I will made to build a site of information for my lable ... wish me success! I will show you the result.

Thank you for reading!

I love you!


Sonntag, 21. November 2010

No time to be creativ - or bedder... no time to make anythink

Good night girls!

I´m so sad! ´cause I don´t find the time to make my ideas and some kind of creativ things true... It is so drepressingly!

Two jobs killing my freetime! ... At my knocking-off time I was very happy to make anythink! I have so much ideas how I creat my evening... but what is the rest from my atentions? ...nothing! >.>
Now I have just one wish..."Get eating and after them... go spleeping!" *sigh*

I´m really waiting for this time, I will leaving "maredo" (staek house) and have enough time to, painting, to, sewing, to designing, to making layouts and my website.... and can spent a little time to write in my weblog every week!

You are all in my minds! Love you and sleep well!! <3<3<3

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

Nur mal ein Lebenszeichen

Ja, mich gibt es noch.

Jetzt hab ich meinen Blog schon etwas vernachlässigt. Deshalb poste ich mal ein Lebenszeichen. Mich gibs noch und ich will auch weiterhin Blog posten.
Derzeit bin ich nur mit sortieren, aufräumen und streichen in meiner wohnung, sowie das gestalten meiner künftigen Homepage beschäftigt das ich ziehmlich selten am pc hocke. Tut mir leid! >3<

Es gibt imemr soviel zu erzählen da sich mich manchmal gar nicht traue alles aufzuschreiben XD
Abe rich kümemr mich drum^^

Liebe Grüße
Eure KUma

PS: Es gibt auch bald wieder ein Lolita Treffen *_*

Montag, 9. August 2010

The normally madnes - every morning

Good morning girls!

My normal course of life is back and I am a little afraid about it, but it feel good to have time for a new weblog entry. ^_^

The last two weeks I was very busy and stressed. But I finished the cosplays for Seki in Thursday night (in the week befor the Animagic started). Look here:

Wedding Peach
She is so lovely!

And the secount cos was Haruka Tenou:

Soooo sexy!!

So I needed a break. The Friday ante the Animagic I made a great day of... nothing! I have decided me to stay home for a break and it was the right idea, I think!

On Saturday I started with some friends to Animagic in my Toshiya [Child Prey] Cos. I love it so much! But I have to complete it!

I am a little blue and angry, cause some people no respect the hard work for this kind of cosplay, because it´s "JUST J-Rock Cosplay". That´s so stupied! I worked very 5 hard month at this cosplay, look over all in internet and in stores for the right accessoires and stuff for the right and original look! But the minority think it´s great.

Shit happens!
It doesn´t matter for me what the others say! I would be make more Cosplays of Dir en grey! Cause I love the outfits, the band and the music! I thank all people they said me a compliment or some well-meant words and also I thank for the people they sais:
"It´s doesn´t matter what kind of Cosplay you make! I want a photo from you great work!"

I´m sorry I have to say that!

At Sunday I was weared a Lolita outfit. I love this skirt!
(one of the best photos I get! ^_^)

Sadly I was just three or four hours on this day at the Ani, but my nephew and my sister was at me an they have started early at the way back.

At the last I meet Duplica an have a some nice dialog and a photo together with her. (she is a famous Lolita in Germany)I was so happy!

I wil wear this cordination again! It looks so gorgeous! You think to?

This week I will make the pattern of this skirt for the German size for 34 - 44 ^_^

So enougth today! I have just started to my "great" job >.>;;; ( I hat my job at the restaurant!)

Till the next entry! ( I wil tell you from my newest idea for a great project ^_~)

bai bai!~~ <3

with love Kuma

Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010

New Cosplay Project

Good morning dears!

A friend asked me if I sewing her tow cosplays. One is "Haruka Tenou"
(Sailor Moon) from the artbook version of Naoko Takeuchi.

I am was persuarded to make and cosplay "Michiru Kaiou" for her.

Haruka is now nearly finish. Take a look I hope I will finished this cosplay today!
I want posting the first pictures of my progess:

nearly finished the sleeves

The secound cosplay she orded is "Wedding Peach" - wedding dress.

Progressing pictures later!

Now I have to work. See you later! (I have many new designs)

Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

New Blog

Hi Friends!

My old blog is dead, because it was to expensive. So I thought about to make a new one who more people can find my blog and I have nothing to pay.

Now I just useing Blogger.com (`cause my sister is blogging here too) and some times I will to posting in Live Journal (for importent news).

If you now going to my website you didn´t find my shop or my hompage, but the link to this weblog.
I made this step because I closed my shop for a while an now I working at a new concept. I made many mistakes in the past but I learned about it! Please forgive me! I will redress my mistakes!

In the future I will regularly write in my blog and show you my good and also my bad days. But sometimes I wil posting in English and sometimes in German... so how I feel. ^_^~ (hope you understand my English XD)

Now I will begin my first post to tell somethink about me.
I´m a German Lolita-fashion designer, Mangaka and Cosplay-artist.
I love to express my self in in all kind of arts, espacially in photos, drawings and sewin
gs. My favorite motiv is the human - I love girls and womans because they are beauty and versatile. <3 I will post here my dailis and best moments, new projects and new about my business.

Please enjoy my blog!

And if you leave me sometimes a little comment I will be very happy!!

Thanks with love Kuma