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Montag, 9. August 2010

The normally madnes - every morning

Good morning girls!

My normal course of life is back and I am a little afraid about it, but it feel good to have time for a new weblog entry. ^_^

The last two weeks I was very busy and stressed. But I finished the cosplays for Seki in Thursday night (in the week befor the Animagic started). Look here:

Wedding Peach
She is so lovely!

And the secount cos was Haruka Tenou:

Soooo sexy!!

So I needed a break. The Friday ante the Animagic I made a great day of... nothing! I have decided me to stay home for a break and it was the right idea, I think!

On Saturday I started with some friends to Animagic in my Toshiya [Child Prey] Cos. I love it so much! But I have to complete it!

I am a little blue and angry, cause some people no respect the hard work for this kind of cosplay, because it´s "JUST J-Rock Cosplay". That´s so stupied! I worked very 5 hard month at this cosplay, look over all in internet and in stores for the right accessoires and stuff for the right and original look! But the minority think it´s great.

Shit happens!
It doesn´t matter for me what the others say! I would be make more Cosplays of Dir en grey! Cause I love the outfits, the band and the music! I thank all people they said me a compliment or some well-meant words and also I thank for the people they sais:
"It´s doesn´t matter what kind of Cosplay you make! I want a photo from you great work!"

I´m sorry I have to say that!

At Sunday I was weared a Lolita outfit. I love this skirt!
(one of the best photos I get! ^_^)

Sadly I was just three or four hours on this day at the Ani, but my nephew and my sister was at me an they have started early at the way back.

At the last I meet Duplica an have a some nice dialog and a photo together with her. (she is a famous Lolita in Germany)I was so happy!

I wil wear this cordination again! It looks so gorgeous! You think to?

This week I will make the pattern of this skirt for the German size for 34 - 44 ^_^

So enougth today! I have just started to my "great" job >.>;;; ( I hat my job at the restaurant!)

Till the next entry! ( I wil tell you from my newest idea for a great project ^_~)

bai bai!~~ <3

with love Kuma

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